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Do you develop CSR programmes or are you concerned with ESG? Are you implementing an environmental approach in your company?
We can help you bring sustainability to your entire team.
Zero waste in a professional, inspiring and interactive way.

What will you experience and gain?

Satisfied customers:

M-ocean agency
Vladimíra HergetováCapgemini
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"The brunch with a lecture on Zero Waste was perfectly prepared and very inspiring for everyone. At the company, my colleagues and I enjoyed a great zero waste breakfast and during the meal we listened to an informal lecture on many interesting topics - recycling, zero waste shops, food quality and generally practical tips for living waste-free."
Ngoc Anh [Helena] Tran BaApify
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"We enjoyed the lecture very much in our company. It helped us to spread awareness of how to sort lunch packaging and especially how and why it is good to prevent it. Most importantly, however, we also took away a lot from it into our daily lives, how to treat things to have the impact we want."

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Choose your event

Join truly responsible companies that promote sustainability.

Lecture and workshop packages can be combined and flexibly adjusted.

We lecture in Czech and English.

We prefer live, but all the lectures can be delivered ONLINE.

1. Educational stand: outdoors or indoors

Meet us at your event at our EDU stand. We’ll show you what it’s like to live zero-waste and discuss all the issues you’re interested in. Come when it suits you and how long you need it for, and it can take all day.

What you can look forward to:

Zažij zero waste v práci

2. breakfast healthy tasty sustainable

The Learn and Brunch program allows your team to get a literal taste of zero waste. Learning with all the senses and in good company. Refresh your lecture with a range of tasty and high-quality packaging-free food.

Zažij zero waste v práci

What you can look forward to:

3. Workshops

Learn in a 30 – 60 minute workshop how to make organic and natural cosmetics or drugstore products without any negative impact on humans or nature.

Make your own:

4. Zero waste quiz

The perfect choice for entertaining at a company party or team-building meeting, in the form of the popular pub quiz. Enjoy with us a unique 2 hour team knowledge and educational game on the topic of ecology and waste reduction.

zero waste in work

What you can look forward to:

5. Inspirational lectures

Get inspired on how to reduce waste in your home and office. In 90 minutes we show you why and how.

What topics you can choose from:

6. Internal campaign

We will prepare a customized internal communication and campaign about sustainability for you.

You can take advantage of:

7. Additional activities

Can’t get enough of zero waste events? We’ll organise a novel event for you and your children. Swap clothes with colleagues or relax at a movie night.

What you can look forward to:

Zažij zero waste v práci

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